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Cape Cod Distracted Driving Attorney

Some drivers think the ban on text messaging does not apply to them. They believe they are fully aware and fully in control … right up to the moment they cause a crash. Distracted driver accidents are on the rise.

Texting while driving is a proven recipe for disaster, but any form of distracted driving increases the risk of an accident. If you were injured because another driver was doing something incompatible with safely piloting a car, he or she may be liable for your damages.


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Cape Cod Distracted Driver Accidents Attorney

Massachusetts law prohibits sending, typing or reading electronic messages (text messages or using the Internet) from handheld devices while operating a motor vehicle. Drivers under 18 and bus drivers are not allowed to use a cellphone or handheld device at all while driving.

The reasons for the law are well-established. Any use of a handheld device — talking, texting, surfing the Internet, getting directions, finding a song — dangerously diverts the driver’s attention from the tasks of driving. Texting while driving has been shown to reduce reaction times as much as drunk driving. Texting drivers commonly veer over the centerline or rear-end other cars while they are looking down for “just a moment,” causing serious or permanent injuries.

Distracted driving in any form may constitute negligence in a crash situation:

  • Text messaging
  • Talking on a cellphone
  • Reading a GPS device or changing the radio
  • Reaching down or into the back seat
  • Pets in the front seat
  • Applying makeup
  • Eating while driving

Perhaps you saw the other driver on a phone just before the collision. There might be other factual witnesses. Phone records or surveillance cameras might support your case. Our attorneys are personally involved in the investigation and have the resources to consult experts such as accident reconstructionists.

Injured in a Cell Phone Accident?

Cape Cod distracted driving lawyers Paul Aiken and Steve Aiken are experienced trial lawyers who are committed to the compensation you deserve to recover physically and financially from an accident, including damages for future care, diminished earnings, and pain and suffering.

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