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More Compensation In Your Pocket
Some lawyers negotiate accident settlements and walk away with their fees, knowing that those clients will have to pay their doctor bills from the proceeds. At Aiken and Aiken P.C. Personal Injury Attorneys, we coordinate benefits and negotiate with providers to reduce medical expenses. Our goal is to have all medical costs paid at the conclusion of the case, so that every dollar of the insurance settlement goes to the client and family. We provide this service at no additional cost because we believe it is the right thing to do.

Accidents happen so fast. Whether it’s an auto accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle or pedestrian accident. There is no rewind button or slow-motion replay to understand what occurred. You, the other driver and any witnesses may have different accounts of the same event. You and the insurance company will almost surely disagree on fair compensation.

To be properly compensated, you must establish negligence of the other party (liability) and then you must demonstrate the financial and personal impact (damages). The experienced personal injury lawyers of Aiken and Aiken P.C. Personal Injury Attorneys know how to prove these elements to maximize your compensation.

For more than 35 years, our law firm has represented auto accident victims on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, and in surrounding southeastern Massachusetts. Call us today for a free consultation. We have offices in Hyannis and Falmouth.

$800,000 Multi-car Accident Settlement

In a recent multi-car accident our client was struck in the rear while stopped. She suffered from multiple rib fractures, a burst fracture of the lower spine, and a fractured shoulder requiring surgery. She is unable to return to her former profession. The case settled for $800,000.

Auto, Motorcycle, Bicycle or Pedestrian Accident Lawyers on Cape Cod

Our attorneys have recovered many millions of dollars on behalf of clients injured in traffic accidents:

Trial lawyers Steve Aiken and Paul Aiken personally handle every facet of your case. They commonly visit the accident scene themselves to take photos, talk to witnesses and oversee a thorough investigation. As necessary, they work with professional investigators and accident reconstruction specialists who can piece together the events to prove how the other driver was negligent.

Under Massachusetts law, evidence of your own comparative fault can be used to reduce your compensation or bar you from recovering altogether. Our attorneys skillfully counter claims of comparative negligence and keep the spotlight on the other driver’s careless or reckless behavior.

Working Closely with Clients to Maximize Compensation

The more vividly we can illustrate the impact on your life, the harder it is for insurance companies to downplay your injuries and limit compensation. We work with clients, doctors and other professionals to make sure that you are adequately compensated, especially for serious or permanent injuries. We use day-in-the-life videos and other documentation of the extent of injury and the costs and challenges in rehab and recovery, including projections of future medical needs. We also justify applicable damages for lost earnings, permanent disability, disfigurement, pain and suffering, and lost enjoyment of life.

Our Cape Cod auto accident attorneys have handled thousands of car, motorcycle, bike and pedestrian accidents. To schedule a free consultation, call 508-771-2266 or toll free at 800-794-2291. You can also contact us online.