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Archives for: February 26th, 2016

Woman sues Harvard for ignoring sexual harassment

A female graduate of Harvard has filed a lawsuit against the school in a Massachusetts federal court. She and her attorney maintain that college officials took no actions to protect her after repeated reports of sexual harassment from her ex-boyfriend and fellow undergraduate who is referred to as John Doe 1 in court papers.

Front crash prevention systems reduce rear-end crashes

According to a new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, cars and trucks equipped with front crash prevention systems are significantly less likely to be involved in rear-end crashes. Further, the study says that if all vehicles in Massachusetts and across the U.S. had automatic-braking systems, there would have been around 700,000 fewer rear-end accidents reported to the police in 2013.

Blind woman sues Zac Brown for injuries suffered at concert

A blind woman has filed a negligence and premises liability lawsuit against country singer Zac Brown for injuries that she claims she suffered during a concert of the Zac Brown Band at Boston’s Fenway Park in August 2015. Live Nation Entertainment, which was operating the event, is also named in the Massachusetts court filing.

Deaths in motor vehicle crashes on the rise

An increased risk of deadly accidents confronts drivers in Massachusetts according to 2015 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics. After years of declining traffic fatalities, a nationwide increase in roadway deaths has been identified.

NHTSA ruling hailed as step towards self-driving vehicles

Analysts say that motorists in Massachusetts and other states could soon see the first instances of autonomous vehicles in action. In early February, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, decided that the Google-developed artificial intelligence systems that operate the company’s self-driving vehicles could be treated like drivers. This follows a January announcement by the NHTSA that it would attempt to make roads more accessible to driver-free cars by potentially shelving some existing safety regulations.

Wrongful death claim filed over California gas leak

Massachusetts residents might find it interesting that a lung cancer patient’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the California gas company responsible for a Los Angeles-area methane leak, claiming the incident hastened her death. The 79-year-old woman died on Jan. 25, approximately three months after the pipeline rupture was discovered.

Family drops suit against Caitlyn Jenner

Massachusetts residents may be interested to know that on Jan. 28, it was announced that a wrongful death suit against Caitlyn Jenner had been dropped. In February 2015, a vehicle that Jenner was driving hit another vehicle on the Pacific Coast Highway. That vehicle was pushed into traffic and struck by a Hummer, which led to the death of the woman driving the vehicle that Jenner hit.

Slip-and-fall accidents on sidewalks and parking lots

During the winter months in Massachusetts, snow and ice on sidewalks and parking lots can be a big problem for people trying to walk across them. When the sidewalk is a public one in running in front of a business or a home, the question may arise regarding who has the responsibility to clear it.

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