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Archives for: November 30th, 2015

Father of deceased actor filed lawsuit against Porsche

As Massachusetts residents may know, actor Paul Walker died in a Porsche accident in 2013. After his friend, who was driving the vehicle, lost control, the car hit several trees and caught fire. A lawsuit filed by Walker’s father, his estate executor, states that there were safety features lacking in the Porsche that might have prevented his son’s death.

Safety improvements and driving

In Massachusetts, people face risks every time they get into a motor vehicle. Driving a vehicle is much riskier than riding in a plane as people have a 300-times greater risk of dying in a car crash than they do of dying in an airplane disaster.

Man injured at hazardous outdoor event

Before winter approaches, people in Massachusetts may be enjoying their last outdoor parties and picnics of the season. Outdoor events can be fun, but they can also involve safety risks that leave event organizers liable for injuries. One man in New Jersey had to undergo surgery after attending a company picnic hosted by his wife’s employer.

1 killed in multiple-vehicle accident in Massachusetts

One person was killed in a multiple-vehicle accident in Stoughton on Nov. 9. The victim, who was ejected from a vehicle that had crashed, was hit by six more vehicles. The accident took place on Route 24 near Exit 20 and caused the closure of the northbound side of the road at the Stoughton-Avon line for several hours.

The risks of drowsy driving

Massachusetts drivers should be aware of the potential risks of driving while sleep deprived. AAA estimates that 43 percent of American drivers have admitted to falling asleep or nodding off at the wheel at least once, based on a 2015 survey. Noting that this is a serious problem, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched an initiative to prevent drivers from taking the wheel while low on sleep.

Statistics for driving fatigue and related accidents

Massachusetts residents may work an extra job to meet the financial needs of their family, but this responsibility should also be balanced with a sense of caution when driving after a late shift or long work day. Those who drive while drowsy run the risk of nodding off behind the wheel, an issue that can result in a devastating accident. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that at least 40 percent of motorists have taken that risk at least once during their lives.

Legal ramifications of tire maintenance

Massachusetts contains some of the most varied and challenging road conditions on the eastern seaboard, especially during the winter. This tough automotive climate has the potential to cause undue wear on the tires of a vehicle. Ordinary wear and tear will also take their toll on the surface of the tire. As the surface degrades, the ability to handle the car safely falls away. Vehicle owners and operators are legally responsible for maintaining the quality of their tires.

Zombicon charity event leads to a death

Street festivals and charity events are popular in Massachusetts and around the country. Zombicon is a charity function that was held in Florida in late October by the group Pushing Daizies. The proceeding did not turn out well.

Crash injures 5 teens, knocks out power in 2 towns

Five Massachusetts teens were injured in an accident in Ashland when their vehicle hit multiple poles at around 1:30 a.m. Oct. 25. The crash occurred on East Union Street near Ashland High School, and two of the teens currently attend this school while the other three previously attended.

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