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Archives for: August 31st, 2015

Tech developments to combat fatigue on the road

Technology has been a heated topic with regard to its use by drivers in recent years, especially gadgets that contribute to issues such as distracted driving and car accidents. However, Massachusetts drivers may soon benefit from technological tools that are designed to increase driver awareness. Although it is difficult to measure fatigue after an accident, preventive technologies may significantly improve safety on the nation’s roads.

Wrongful death lawsuit illustrates multi-state litigation issues

The present ability of companies to use a variety of transportation methods to move their products to market means that what affects consumers in one state may have its origins in another. This is one of the aspects of a wrongful death action filed in a federal court in Boston by the parents of an eight-year-old Massachusetts boy who died as a result of becoming ill with an E. coli bacterial infection in 2014.

How not wearing a helmet may cost you money in a motorcycle crash

Motorcycle owners talk about the pleasure they derive from exploring the scenic thoroughfares throughout Barnstable County and other parts of Massachusetts. The ability to have an unobstructed view of the landscape and feel the refreshing breezes without the confinement offered by cars and SUVs are a couple of the reasons riders give for choosing a motorcycle.

Can I sue the police for wrongful death?

Civil lawsuits against the government can be subject to misperceptions. One of these may be a hazy understanding of the doctrine of “sovereign immunity,” under which the government and its agents are immunized from lawsuits under certain circumstances. Or there is the more common saying that “You can’t fight city hall,” which carries with it the implied understanding that government bodies have the financial resources to outlast you in litigation.

What goes into deciding whether to settle or litigate a case?

If you have ever been called for jury duty, then you may be familiar with the experience of having to call into the courthouse the night before the trial is set to begin to verify that you will in fact be needed to serve. And your experience may have included the sense of relief when you learn that the case did not go to trial, after all. It settled beforehand.

How does the presence of multiple defendants affect my recovery?

Accidents can be messy things. And part of what can make them that way is that often when we examine who was at fault for causing the accident and the subsequent injuries to your person and to your property, more than one person or entity qualifies. For example, think of a situation in which you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck. The driver was not paying attention and rear­ended you. On further investigation, you learn that he was not properly trained to drive the vehicle that he was in. Looking deeper, you discover that part of the reason he rear­ended your car was because the truck’s brakes were defectively designed and did not work properly.

How do you collect on a wrongful death damages award?

Anyone who has gone from school to the job market learns that there is a difference between reading about something or studying it in an academic environment and actually putting it into practice. This is true as well in the context of personal injury litigation.

Are damages recoverable by a negligent car accident victim?

Rarely does a car accident happen with multiple vehicles in which just one of the drivers was clearly the only one at fault. The more common situation is where the evidence points to more than one person in assessing liability.

How a visitors status affects a premises liability claim

Under the theory of premises liability, property owners can be legally responsible for any accidents and injuries that occur on the property. In some states, the extent of the property owners liability depends on the visitors status. In other words, the property owner owes a different duty of care depending on how and why the injured person came onto the property.В

Steps to take after a hit and run accident

Car accidents are one of the best ways to ruin your day. What can make it worse is if the offending driver takes off before you are able to get their information. This is known as a hit and run accident, and happens too often on Massachusetts roads. If you are the victim of one of these accidents, there are certain steps you should take to make sure you gain rightful compensation.