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Archives for: October 31st, 2014

Woman dies following alleged drunk-driving collision

Brockton police reported that a 26-year-old woman whose car was allegedly struck by a drunk driver on Oct. 22 succumbed to her injuries on Oct. 24 around 11:00 a.m. The accident happened at night on East Ashland Street.

Head-on crash in Massachusetts kills 2, injures 3

Massachusetts State Police confirmed that two people died in a two-vehicle accident on Oct. 19. The car accident took place on Jamaicaway just before 3 a.m. Police say that a BMW 530XI crossed the centerline near Perkins Street and struck a Toyota Camry that was traveling in the opposite lane of traffic.

What is central cord syndrome?

Massachusetts residents who have been diagnosed with central cord syndrome may know that it is a neurological condition where the spinal cord is damaged. The syndrome is characterized by a partial loss of functioning predominantly in the arms and hands. Depending on the location of the spinal cord damage, leg movement and bladder control may also be affected. Sometimes people experience an uncomfortable tingling or burning sensation in addition to the loss of motor functioning.

Massachusetts DA considering additional charges in fatality

On Oct. 5, a 53-year-old male bicycle rider on his way to Mass was hit by a car near Shaw and Allen Streets in Braintree. He was taken to the hospital but died the following evening due to head trauma. He was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Injury and fatality statistics for motorcycle crashes

The National Center for Statistics and Analysis, which is operated under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, reports that 4,957 motorcyclists died and 93,000 were injured in traffic accidents across the country in 2012. Among those fatalities, 51 motorcyclists died in Massachusetts crashes. Although the state requires all motorcyclists to wear helmets, 7 percent those killed were not wearing one.

Premises liability toward children

Massachusetts state law provides special provisions regarding premises liability in relation to children less than six years of age. In order to protect children from exposure to harmful lead, property owners must follow certain regulations regarding any contamination on their premises.

Cost of car crashes are problematic

Motor vehicle accidents continue to be a problem in both Massachusetts and the U.S. at large. Each year, tens of thousands of people are injured or killed on the nation’s roadways due to negligent, reckless and careless driving. Drunk driving accidents continue to occur despite increased enforcement and stricter laws.

Can I collect damages if an accident is my fault?

As some Massachusetts drivers may already know, long and exhaustive investigations often follow a traffic accident. For the most part, these investigations are conducted by law enforcement officials, but independent investigators may have cause to probe certain incidents as well. One of the main objectives of these investigations is to determine who, if anyone, was at fault. People who suffered damages in connection with traffic accidents and are considering the idea of pursuing civil action may be particularly interested in this information.