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Archives for: May 30th, 2014

Massachusetts police investigates four-vehicle accident

Traffic on Massachusetts roads has been steadily increasing — hence problems on the roads have been on the rise. One inattentive driver can cause an accident resulting in multiple injuries and fatalities. Although many drivers drive safely and follow all traffic rules, there are some who may be distracted and cause car accidents. Some drivers may be talking on the phone or texting and driving, while others may be drunk driving or may be under influence of drugs.

Property owners liable for serious injuries caused to visitors

Massachusetts residents have every right to expect that the shopping malls, offices and recreational properties they visit are safe. Few people would knowingly visit someplace with hidden hazards that could injure or kill them or family members. Unfortunately, negligence by some property owners leads to exactly that. A property owner can fail to remove water or ice from floors or sidewalks or fail to fix broken handrails that can cause serious injuries.

Commercial landscaping vehicle causes fatal accident

Walking is an activity that cannot be avoided. Health conscious people in Massachusetts prefer to walk every day, while some others may prefer to walk short distances to avoid congested roads and parking woes. However, safety of people walking on roads is one of the main concerns in the state.

Sexual abuse: a serious crime

Safety is a prime concern for most individuals and homes are considered to be the safest of all places. Schools and places of worship are also believed to be safe. However, there have been many instances where these safe havens turn out to be places of abuse. It is unfortunate, but reports of sexual abuse by family members, priests and teachers are heard nearly every day.

Motorcycle collision injures law enforcement officer

In Barnstable, motorcyclists and conventional motor vehicles must share the road. For the most part, they do so safely. There are, however, instances when motorcycle accidents happen. Sometimes they’re unavoidable due to circumstance. In others, they happen because of negligence. A motorcycle rider is vulnerable and unprotected when riding, so there is the possibility of a head injury, broken bones and numerous other harmful results from a motorcycle crash.

Passenger seriously injured in drunk driving accident

All drivers in Barnstable must adhere to the rules of the road regardless of what they do for a living. Those in positions of power such as police officers and politicians are not immune to the ramifications if they are involved in a car accident after having had too much to drink. When a drunk driving accident happens, the driver could cause serious injury to other drivers, pedestrians and passengers.

Massachusetts workers remembered on Workers’ Memorial Day

Every morning, many residents of Barnstable, Massachusetts, leave their families and homes and head to work. This routine is uninterrupted for most of them, but there are some unfortunate people whose workplaces become the sites of tragedy, where they suffer injuries and even death. This may be due to a number of things, but could include unsafe premises or even negligence by a third party. Despite the best efforts of agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, every year a number of Americans do not come home from work.

Motorcycle accident leaves rider with serious injuries

As temperatures rise around Massachusetts, many residents are pulling their motorcycles out of winter storage and hitting the road to enjoy the arrival of spring. Unfortunately, the increased ridership around the state could mean a rise in accidents involving riders, which can often lead to unfortunate results. Such was the case in one very recent incident involving a motorcycle and vehicle collision.

Three people hurt in Dorchester car accident

Despite all the efforts at driver education, every major town or city, including Barnstable, Massachusetts, can claim to be the site of a number of vehicular accidents every day. Each accident leaves behind a story of damage and destruction, either to lives or property or both. But what is sometimes forgotten is the pain and suffering of not just the victims, but also their near and dear ones. None of these consequences, however, seem to be a sufficiently strong word of caution for many drivers, since accidents still occur for a number of reasons.