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Archives for: April 30th, 2014

Are children in Massachusetts safe from sexual abuse?

It is natural for parents to assume that the people to whom they entrust their children, in schools and public institutions, do not pose a threat to their young ones. The notion that children, whether in Barnstable, Massachusetts or elsewhere, could be subject to physical or sexual abuse at the hands of a teacher or mentor is horrifying. Such incidents can cause emotional trauma to both children and parents, with the latter left wondering whom to trust. Sadly, since children are more easily frightened, many cases involving sexual abuse of minors do not get reported.

Man charged with sexual assault is brother of Somerville mayor

In most communities, whether in Barnstable, Massachusetts or elsewhere, an attempt to violate another person sexually is seen as a shocking offense. This perception has as much to do with a personal sense of propriety and decency as with being outraged at the vulgarity of the incident. In the eyes of the law, such nonconsensual acts are crimes whose punishment can involve a significant prison sentence. Victims of sexual assault can also find sanctuary under the law, with assistance available in many forms, such as a Special Victims Unit, to help them overcome the emotional trauma of the abuse they have suffered.

Dorchester woman charged in drunk driving accident

Road accidents are, by no means, rare incidents, nor are their locations unique. Those involved in a road accident are as likely to be from Barnstable, Massachusetts as from any other town or state. But no matter who they are, what is left behind is the true tale of grief, both for the victim and the drunk or negligent driver. Even worse, if a car accident happens to be fatal, no matter who is killed, there are bereaved families who struggle with the loss of a loved one, and have to cope with this tragedy for a lifetime. Unintentionally and unexpectedly, such incidents impact a number of victims.

Motorcyclist critically injured in highway collision with car

Motorcycle riders and passengers in Massachusetts and other states know that their vehicles offer significantly less physical protection than do passenger cars and trucks. However, the rules of the road are essentially the same, and all drivers are responsible for following safe driving practices and all relevant highway rules and regulations.

Head-on collision leaves Hanover man dead, two others injured

Fatal car accidents are always a cause for concern, whether they occur in Massachusetts or elsewhere and most drivers try to ensure that they are not the cause. To avoid accidents, drivers must stay in their own lane and keep an eye on the vehicles around them, especially when driving in two-way traffic. That’s because multiple vehicle accidents place more lives at risk.

Policeman dies from injuries after Plymouth motorcycle accident

For many people, motorcycles are a lot more than just a mode of transportation; they represent everything from freedom to rebellion to symbolic technical excellence. Thus, despite the many tragedies involving motorcycle accidents, there are still many people who are very interested in motorcycles. For police, the motorcycle represents a more flexible, if less safe, option than a patrol car. This applies in Massachusetts as well as in other states in the U.S.

Father of three killed in Brockton drunken-driving accident

Driving is a privilege with responsibilities that include controlling a vehicle at all times and being mindful of the safety of others on the road. For this reason, impaired and inattentive driving are prohibited by law and common sense. Alcohol and other controlled substances should never be used by anyone operating a vehicle because they can affect judgment, focus and reaction time.

Rear-end car collision injures Hyannis woman on Route 28

Most Massachusetts drivers understand that they are responsible for ensuring their own and other drivers’ safety whenever they are operating a motor vehicle. Most also understand that avoiding distractions while driving is a critical part of that responsibility because even a momentary lapse of concentration can have devastating consequences for anyone involved in an auto accident.