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Archives for: March 28th, 2014

Duxbury police officer injured in evening motorcycle accident

Traveling by motorcycle is popular with many Massachusetts citizens, but most have a story or two about brushes with major injuries or death. Unfortunately, these vehicles do not offer anywhere near the same level of protection that cars and other motor vehicles do, so a rider in the typical motorcycle accident usually fares poorly.

Elderly woman killed in Massachusetts pedestrian accident

Many Massachusetts residents know walking is often both a good form of exercise and a great way to travel short distances whether to school, work or shopping. Walking anywhere near traffic, however, can mean a pedestrian accident in a split second with the possibility of death, injury, medical expenses and related financial losses.

Police suspect hospitalized woman was victim of sexual assault

Sexual assault against or sexual abuse of a person who has not given consent are considered serious crimes all across the country, including in Massachusetts. In many cases, victims may also be able to seek civil remedies in addition to any criminal proceedings.

One driver facing DUI charge after Massachusetts two-car crash

Barnstable, Massachusetts, residents would agree that drivers need to be extra cautious while driving at night. With the horrid weather and limited visibility, any form of distraction while driving can easily have dire consequences for the driver of the car and other passengers and victims involved in the accident. The problem is even more serious if the distraction is self-inflicted by the driver by operating under the influence of alcohol.

Pedestrian killed in fatal accident on Route 114 in Massachusetts

Walking in the streets of Barnstable, Massachusetts, is probably not as safe as it used to be years ago. With the increased number of motor vehicles in Barnstable and other urban areas of Massachusetts, the risks of pedestrian accidents have become considerably higher. The situation is even worse on the freeways of state routes where usually the speed at which vehicles travel is much higher than city roads.

Driver faces charges in Massachusetts for hit-and-run accident

Barnstable, Massachusetts residents would agree that the aftereffects of a car accident are never good, neither for the negligent driver nor for the victim. While the victim of a car accident has to endure considerable pain and suffering, the driver who causes the accident has to face the consequences of breaking the law. The behavior is considered ever more reckless on the part of the driver at fault if he or she chooses not to help the victim of the accident.

Car falls into sinkhole at Boston area shopping mall

In Massachusetts, as elsewhere in the country, shopping malls are often destinations of choice for entire families for shopping and a variety of other activities such as dining, moviegoing and other light entertainment.

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