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Archives for: February 28th, 2014

Pedestrian dies after fatal accident in Massachusetts

Every year, thousands of Massachusetts residents suffer injuries in traffic accidents. Most are lucky to escape with minor cuts and bruises, but some suffer more severe injuries. And a few lose their lives, often leaving behind grieving family members.

Boston police increase patrols after early morning sexual assault

Massachusetts residents understand that sexual abuse or assault can leave long-term and often indelible impacts on victims. Tremendous emotional trauma can affect someone’s ability to form trusting relationships and even lead to suicide in some cases. The impact is more devastating if the victim of the sexual assault is a minor.

Three taken to hospitals after 3-car crash in Massachusetts

One of the largest categories of personal injury claims in the U.S. is automobile accidents. By simply watching the local news one gets a sense of how frequent car accidents truly are in Massachusetts. Given the statistics, there is a fairly good chance that at some point in someone’s life they are going to be involved in a car accident. When that happens, it is helpful to know one’s legal options.

2 suffer injuries after multi-vehicle crash in Massachusetts

Even when injuries are considered non-life-threatening, they can still burden victims with a variety of long-lasting problems, both physical and financial. The types of injuries that can resul from a car accident are many — head injuries, broken bones, whiplash and the like — and the pain can range from chronic headaches to debilitating full-body pain. These injuries can alter victims’ lives dramatically, possibly forcing them to miss work and incur significant medical expenses. Thankfully, victims have certain rights that can be asserted.

Two Massachusetts crashes caused by alleged drunk driver

Reckless driving is extremely dangerous and puts everyone near the reckless driver at risk. Operating a motor vehicle requires a level of caution and care that is sufficient enough where drivers can react quickly and take preventative actions should the unexpected occur. Drivers also need to be fully cognizant of their surroundings and conscious of the laws of the road. When reckless actions are taken that impede this care — such as, for example, getting behind the wheel while intoxicated — the results can be devastating.

Man suffers injuries after truck accident in Massachusetts

Drivers of commercial trucks are required to abide by certain regulations that do not necessarily apply to other drivers on the road. For example, a commercial truck driver is expected to have adequate rest before taking on a long shift. If the driver logs too many hours and does not make time for rest, not only are other motorists in danger, but also that driver is violating trucking regulations. This could render the truck driver or the trucking company liable for the damages resulting from any crash that may occur.

Passengers suffer injuries after two buses crash in Massachusetts

Many Massachusetts residents may opt to travel or commute by bus to save money, or out of convenience. Bus travel definitely does have its perks, but those who choose to ride them are not entirely immune to the dangers that affect other vehicles on the road. While bussing can be safer than, say, riding a motorcycle, passengers can still be caught in accidents out of their control and end up suffering a variety of injuries.

Mattress falls off car’s roof, triggers accident in Massachusetts

Even the smallest occurrence can trigger a large-scale, devastating accident. Whether it is a ball rolling into the street or an unexpected sun glare, one event can set off a chain reaction that can lead to serious accident injuries or, in the worst case scenarios, fatalities. If the chain of events was triggered by the negligent actions of an individual, then the victims are oftentimes able to pursue compensation from the person at fault.

How a minor car accident can change your life

Even in the most minor of car accidents — where the victims don’t really feel much other than a slight daze and a wave of frustration — the people who are involved can suffer debilitating pain that changes their lives for many months or years. For example, say you get into a car accident that jars your head a bit. Your head doesn’t hit anything, but the collision really torques your neck and head.

No less than three injured in Massachusetts car accident

The succession of events leading up to a car accident can often become muddled and confused to victims. A crash can happen in what seems like an instance — victims may be simply enjoying music, caught in the hypnotic rhythm of highway traffic, when the next thing they know, there is a loud sound followed by a loss of consciousness. The next memory victims may recollect is the sight of a team of first responders rescuing them from their vehicles. While they may not be able to remember what caused the accident, victims can still keep track of their injuries, medical expenses and damages. This information may prove useful, if they decide to pursue compensation.