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Archives for: January 31st, 2014

Fatal accident in Massachusetts leads to charges for woman

Words commonly heard following an accident include “sudden,” “unexpected” and “instantaneous.” Almost no one expects an accident to occur, and, when it does, drivers are often caught completely off guard. The same can be said for the family members who have lost loved ones in car accidents. The news of the fatal car accident comes suddenly and without warning. In an instant, their lives change, and they are forced to deal with a maelstrom of emotion and trauma, made worse by the financial challenges that follow.

Rollover crash in Barnstable results in injuries

One of the more dangerous types of accidents are those that result in rollovers. When an SUV or truck is struck by another vehicle, there is always a chance that a rollover will ensue. Rollovers often trap drivers and passengers in their vehicles, requiring firefighters to extract them. This can be very dangerous and it is not uncommon for the outcome of these accidents to include injuries or fatalities.

Chain-reaction car accident in Massachusetts injures five

All it takes is one error for a large-scale multi-vehicle accident to occur. Chain-reaction crashes are oftentimes devastating affairs that involve many different vehicles and can have far-reaching effects. Sometimes, the error that sets off a chain-reaction crash is done without fault; other times, though, the error may be the result of driver negligence. When this is the case, the negligent driver may be liable for the damages in the crash.

Identifying liability after tragic tailgating accident

The aftermath of a fatal accident can be devastating for the friends and families who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. The death can seem senseless, and people often want to know who was responsible for the accident and whether it could have been prevented. Identifying these factors can help those left behind find a sense of closure and justice after such a tragic event.

School employee charged with sexually assaulting boy, 15

Sexual abuse is a serious topic that is difficult to think about. This is especially true when the victim of sexual abuse is a minor. However, it is important that these issues come to light, not only to aid in the victim’s recovery process but also to prevent further instances of abuse.

Questions persist concerning Massachusetts wrongful death matter

The husband of a 43-year-old woman killed while crossing a street has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver in Massachusetts. His wife was struck by a pickup truck on Feb. 23, 2012. The driver of the pickup was alleged to have been driving “recklessly and negligently” at the time the accident occurred.

Injured Massachusetts motorcycle rider faces many obstacles

A Massachusetts motorcycle rider was struck by a car and thrown 22 feet from his bike back in early August. According to the Tewksbury police, the driver of the car failed to yield at a stop sign and likely never saw the motorcycle rider coming down the street.