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Archives for: October 30th, 2013

Massachusetts car accidents: Head-on collision leaves man dead

A tragic accident ensued last month, killing a 47-year-old man and injuring a woman. Authorities are still working to determine the cause of the accident. As more fatal car accidents occur on our roadways, Massachusetts officials are likely to conduct more comprehensive investigations, such as this one.

Massachusetts motorcycle accidents: Man arrested for crash

A fire and rescue worker has been involved in a two-vehicle accident that left him with critical injuries. The other motorist involved will face criminal charges. Unfortunately, he Massachusetts roadways are a commonplace for many motorcycle accidents.

Massachusetts auto accidents: mother and daughter killed

A woman and her daughter have been killed in a crash. Drunk driving has been the cause of many auto accidents across the country and in Massachusetts. A police officer, who was involved in the crash, is facing charges of drunk driving.

Massachusetts man charged with sexual abuse

A 29-year-old man has been formally charged after an accusation of sexual assault. He has been confronted with seven counts of sexual abuse in Massachusetts. He is faced with up to 20 years in prison for each count he has been charged with.

Massachusetts car accidents: Car rear-ended by school bus

A school bus ride turned into a trip to the hospital after a crash on the way home. The collision resulted in multiple car accidents and several injuries. The Massachusetts school bus has been impounded pending an investigation after the bus rear-ended a vehicle at a red light. No citations have been issued at this time.