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Archives for: May 31st, 2013

Massachusetts takes on bridge repairs

Last week the nation looked on in shock as a bridge collapsed on the west coast. Three nearby counties were plunged into a state of emergency by the state’s governor after the accident on the interstate.

Facts about trucking and safety: part two

In our last post we introduced some basic facts about the commercial trucking industry, which has a vast impact on transportation in the United States. We focused on things like shipping volume and employment last time, which means it’s time to look at some safety facts.

Facts about trucking and safety: part one

Many people feel uneasy driving in proximity of large trucks on the highway. You may find yourself gripping the wheel a bit tighter than usual as one passes you, feeling concerned about its size and speed or wondering how secure its cargo truly is. This is completely normal as trucks are a force unto themselves on American roadways – and a force that comes with its own risks.